Do you ever think about how you fly-fish?
How you approach it.
How you accomplish it.
How you talk about it.
How you prepare.
How you are in your head thinking about how you will fish when you get to the planned destination.
How the time of year often lends itself to a perfect plan — which, actually, sometimes plays out — but more often, how circumstance, time, unplanned events and nature itself undo your “howedness” — if I can make up that word.
Being in the “how” is a great place.
You transform yourself from a literal space to one of expectation and even bliss — in the best “how” moments.
How you planned a perfect trip.
How you were with yourself, by yourself.
How you were with your significant other, and the fishing was so good, and everything that followed was so memorable because the day worked out “how” you planned, and exceeded even your own imagination.
How you were with a running buddy or buddies (men and women, no gender difference here).
How you fished hard, drank and ate through the day, then enjoyed a fire and a warm tent or a cozy camper or cabin after 12 hours of peaceful concentration that fly-fishing demands from your body and mind.
It is a beautiful place to be, the end of that day, because that “relaxed exertion” stays with you then and long afterward.
That is a “how-to” guide for living the fly-fishing life, and if I may boldly suggest, how to live your regular life each day.
It’s just a matter of how…

Maybe I will see you on the water.


Three friends pose for a picture fly fishing

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Patrick "Murph" Murphy

Patrick Murphy or "Murph" as we call him around the office is a former newspaper man, and currently an author of books and blogs. He is an appreciator of all things natural and avid fisherman.

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