Your name or any nicknames you have?

My name is Bradey Hall and that’s what I go by. Much like the Brady bunch but with an E. Often mistaken as BradLey but there is no L.  If I grew out my hair you may think I was Peter Brady.

 Bradley looks like peter from the brady bunch

Where are you at in the world? Where will you be fishing this year?

Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado I will be fishing any and every water I can through rain, snow and sunshine in Colorado (Primarily the South Platte). If your lines aren’t wet you aren’t catching fish. Which may sound cliché but tell me it isn’t true.  

What got you into fly fishing? When did you start? 

I started fly fishing after I tore my ACL going into my senior year of lacrosse at Colorado State University. I was devastated and found the river peaceful and soothing. With the addition of Fly Fishing it created a great outlet for me. Without my own rod I borrowed my dads Cabelas rod, put on my Walmart American flag swim trunks, old hunting boots, knee brace and caught my first fish on the fly. It was an absolute monster (picture below). I got knee surgery soon after and wasn’t able to fish for almost 4 months. I used my down time from my knee surgery to read and learn as much as I could. It was this fish that made me an addict to the sport.

Bradley holds a fish in a tar heels hat

Why do you fly fish?  What does it “do” for you?

Fishing for me is an outlet from all things negative, it helps me reconnect with myself but disconnect from the bumpy road called life. It’s an Oasis, a retreat, and the best place for both mind and soul. It takes you to “ugly places” and gives you great memories in the process.

What is a piece of advice you want to give to other anglers or a tip/trick that has helped you grow as an angler?

Quit your day job and fish all the time because fishing is tight and then so is your lines.….. just kidding but with winter rolling and the weather being unpredictable always bring layers. Being warm on the water will allow you to endure the elements. Something that I personally do is use a Stanley thermos and pack chicken noodle soup, it’s a game changer. This allows me to drink the broth throughout the morning and carry lunch keeping me warm and content.  I have a great combination of ingredients that is easy to make and delicious If your interested, let me know.

Fly fishing for Rainbow Trout

Who has influenced you most as an angler?

For me it hasn’t been just one person who has influenced me it has been many different people. Some being people I met on the water who taught me something I did not know. My mom and dad who introduced me to fishing in general. My godfather who always encourages me to keep fishing. A guy named Jay Rock who has shown me that anything is possible no matter the obstacles in your way. So, I can’t say it’s really just one person but the fly fishing community.

What are some of the best places you’ve been fishing?

THE SOUTH PLATTE! It is an incredible river that has some beautiful fish. However, I will say Cheese Man is my favorite place to fish, with pristine fish, and great scenery, it’s an ideal place for fly fishing. It’s challenging but very rewarding.

Bradley holds a Brown trout

What’s your favorite new piece of gear?

I wouldn’t say its my newest piece of gear but it is my favorite thing I own and that is my fly rod.  I was gifted a Scott Radian from my godfather for graduation and it’s not because it’s an excellent rod but the sentimental value behind it. He is a huge bass fisherman and doesn’t know much about fly fishing but is just as much of a fishing fiend as I am.

What is your favorite fly? (To tie, or catch fish on?)

I love to tie and make up my own patterns. If they catch fish I like them even more. I would say that my favorite fly to tie though is streamers because they look so cool in the water and they look even cooler in a fishes mouth.

Bradley stands in a canyon

What’s your “Dream Trip”? 

That’s a tough one. I would say it’s between going to Patagonia or Belize. However, if I went to Patagonia I would never come back. If I went to Belize I would also never come back! Just kidding. Either one would be great but realistically any trip where I can fish is a dream. I am content on the water especially with the company of my dog (when she behaves).

How do people follow you on social media or reach you? 

I am on Instagram a lot so @bradey_hall is my Instagram tag and also on Youtube which is also Bradey Hall

Athena Smiling for camera

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