Your name or any nicknames you have?

Brady Faigl

Where are you at in the world? Where will you be fishing this year?

I grew up in Boise, Idaho and I am currently living in Laramie Wyoming and attending the University of Wyoming studying Fisheries. This year I will be fishing mainly in Wyoming and surrounding states, with some trips to Canada for Bulls, and Pyramid Lake for some Lahontan.

Brady holds up a large bull trout

What river(s) and lake(s) do you guide/fish?

I mainly fish Stillwater but also fish rivers in the Wyoming and Colorado area. During the summer I will be in Idaho where the Owyhee River in Oregon isn’t far, which is one of my favorite rivers to fish. I also try to make it way up north for Bull Trout as much as I can during the summer months.

How long have you been guiding/fly fishing? 

I have been fly fishing since I was about 10 years old.

Brady holds up a massive carp

What got you into fly fishing? When did you start? 

My Father and grandfather are the ones who taught me how to fly fish when I was a kid. I never got the addiction until after I graduated from high school when I decided to not pursue sports anymore. I had a lot of time on my hands and had always liked fly fishing, but it was when I found all this free time that I started really getting in to it.

Why do you fly fish?  What does it “do” for you?

I fly fish because it brings you to places that take your mind off everything, allows you to meet some awesome people, and as I’m sure most can relate, it is a drug that keeps you coming back. Fly fishing brings that adrenaline rush somedays and that sense of relaxation and solitude other days. Those two things are two of the best feelings and fly fishing brings you both of them.   

Brady holds up a large rainbow

What is a piece of advice you want to give to other anglers or a tip/trick that has helped you grow as an angler?

Some tips I would give other anglers is to try and explore new waters in other areas. We all have the water we are comfortable fishing, but I have found the more I explore and fish new waters and new species the more I am challenged and the more I learn.

What’s your favorite new piece of gear?

My favorite piece of new gear is probably my Catchcamnet. It has a huge bag and I can mount a GoPro on the handle. I have got some pretty sweet shots with it and the large bag is an added plus.

Braady holds up a large trout

What is your favorite fly? (To tie, or catch fish on?)

My favorite fly is most definitely a hot head leech. I have caught more fish on that fly than all my other flies combined, and I have caught fish on it year-round. My favorite flies to tie are Pike flies. They are a challenge, but it is a blast to try and tie them so they will move well in the water but also be big and colorful.   

Best catch of all time?

Best catch of all time is a tough one. I would probably have to go with the Pike I caught last year. Driving to the lake me and Ben Brown hit a patch of ice and spun into the other lane crashing into the concrete barrier on the other side. After realizing we were okay and the truck could still drive we got to the lake and it was around 25 degrees. That day was tough but I managed to catch one small pike. We were camping in a tent so the night was a little bit chilly. The next day we didn’t even manage to get a follow and it was looking like we were gonna get skunked. We moved locations at the end of the day and Ben had to call his insurance company about the accident we were in, so I went down below the cliff and started fishing while he stayed in the truck. I had made about three casts but nothing. On my fourth cast I was bringing my fly to shore and right as I was about to lift it out to cast I saw a huge flash of open jaws inhale my fly and take off for the depths. At this point Ben couldn’t see or hear me yelling for him to net the fish, so I had to attempt to fit a 40 inch pike into the smaller net that I had at the time. Ben eventually made it down to shore when I was removing the fly. It was a lot of high fives and excitement, we took a few snaps and sent it back on its way. A combination of seeing his reaction, almost dying on the trip up, and catching a mega pike made for one of my favorite fish.   

Brady holds up a large pikeWhat’s your “Dream Trip”? 

I have a lot of dream trips, but at the top would have to be a trip to Jurassic lake.

How do people follow you on social media or reach you?

You can follow and reach me on my Instagram @bradyfaigl

Brady releases a fish

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