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“There’s been an accident involving your Jeep.”

Those words are tough to hear for anyone. Especially when waiting for an oil change, only hours prior to a planned departure of your children’s first weekend fly fishing trip. The first words I said in reply were,¬†“I’m glad I have a rod vault, let’s see the damage”.

After doing my research, I invested in a Titan Rod Vault due to my increase in weekend fly fishing trips and the growing interest my twin sons are showing. I needed something strong to protect my investment in equipment but easy to use/install and gets us on the water quickly regardless of what season it is.

I listened as the service manager described how my vehicle was taken through a car wash and the applicator mechanism ripped my Titan Rod Vault and the luggage rack off the top of my vehicle.

Amazingly the Rod Vault was beat up (but intact) and my fully rigged fly rods were undamaged!

I now have a mental note to not take my rod vault through an automatic car wash. . . because the rod vault will walk away the victor. I called the great folks at Titan to tell them what had occurred and how my investment was worth every penny. Thank you Adam Estepp and everyone else involved in creating such a useful product.

Because of the rod vault, I was able to get my boys out on the stream as planned when any other product would have likely failed. I’m glad I have a rod vault!

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  1. David

    The titan rod vault can actually be taken into an automatic carwash just make for absolute sure that the car wash is touchless and that it has clearance for your vehicle with the rod vault on it. I take my rod vault mounted on my vehicle to a touchless automated carwash 1 to 2 times a week I have never had a problem and have had it in that wash over 24 times


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