You look into the sky and see places you have been — with your family, your friends, and people you hardly know.
It is a moving landscape, one that speaks to you through sight and sound, and through the breeze that touches your face.
You gaze aloft, then wonder, and even become mindful of your own breathing.
And there is always time to figure out where you fit in.
So take a look around.
Really look at where you are.

When you take the time to look around, you can sometimes find yourself.
You may find that you breathe deeply, again, and again.
There is a natural rhythm to things — living, if you will.
But we all seem to lose that as we age.
So much of what happens to us we don’t realize.
You can experience yourself and your life — it sounds silly to say that, but you can.
There are places you can go.
Places you can go, in life or memory, where those whom you want to see and be with are present.
You are with them — they are with you.
They are.
To find those places, well, they’re elusive.
Elusive because too often what we want most — what we desire (at the time) so deeply and intensely — eludes us.
It’s that trying-to-hold-on-too-tight thing.
Letting go is an art, and takes active practice.
You can be overwhelmed.
But being overwhelmed is something I believe we secretly desire, as well as fear and avoid.
Being overwhelmed means being covered over, by things, circumstances, experiences, either perceived or lived.
Being overwhelmed can be profoundly transformative; it is a journey few willingly embark upon, yet once lived and experienced, your life is never again the same.
Some of my days fly-fishing have been this way — overwhelming when I knew not what approach to take, or even, really, what I was doing.
Those experiences led me to overcome my lack of practical knowledge.
If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed, you set the stage to overcome.
Fly-fishing and life, for me, are cast together.

Maybe I’ll see you out on the water.


The big horn in montana

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Patrick "Murph" Murphy

Patrick Murphy or "Murph" as we call him around the office is a former newspaper man, and currently an author of books and blogs. He is an appreciator of all things natural and avid fisherman.

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