Hey everyone my name is Justin Miller.

I’m originally from Fairbanks Alaska but I recently moved to Cripple Creek Colorado this past June, and I plan to fish and explore as much of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico as I can in this next year. 

Since I have been here In Colorado I have spent quite a bit of time on the South Platte river as it is close to my house. Also I have been spending time on the dream stream and I made my way down towards Gunnison this last summer and fished the lake fork of the Gunnison. Needless to say I still have a lot of exploring to do here in Colorado!

I have been fly fishing most of my life. I would say I have been doing it for about 16 years or so. Growing up in Alaska presents plenty of opportunities to be on the river! 

I think what got me into fly fishing the most was my step dad. He was always fly fishing when I was growing up and I wanted to do it too. I think he got me started fly fishing when I was around 13 years old and I have been hooked ever since. 

Justin holds up a rainbow trout

I would say the reason I fly fish has a lot to do with the relaxation aspect of it. There is nothing more calming then the sound of a river. Also I just really appreciate the art of fly fishing. Its such a beautiful thing when it all comes together. Another reason is: beautiful fish generally live in beautiful places. I was lucky to grow up in the great state of Alaska and have had the opportunity to fish in some truly special places. 

I purchased a rod vault at the beginning of last summer and I love it. My favorite part about it is the convenience of having rods assembled and ready to go at a moments notice. I did a lot of road trips this summer while I was exploring my new home here in Colorado and quickly found out that it was really easy just to stop and pull a rod out of the vault and away I went!

If I could give any piece of advice about growing yourself as an angler it would be to network as much as you can. Reach out to people on social media and things like that. You will be surprised at what you can learn from other people and the awesome people you will meet! 

Justin holds up a large pike

I think the person who has influenced me the most as an angler is my step dad. He got me out at a very early age and taught me how to cast. I also have gotten a lot of inspiration from guys like Wil flack and Oliver white. 

My favorite new piece of gear other than my rod vault has got to be my new 5wt Sage Mod that I picked up from the guys at the South Platte fly shop. It has great action and casts like a dream!

My absolute favorite fly to tie is also one of the easiest. The Chernobyl ant. The grayling back home in interior Alaska will come 10 feet off the bottom to smash those ants!! But I think my favorite fly to catch fish on is the Morrish Mouse. It is a must have for every Alaskan fly box and the way alaskan rainbows eat those mice is absolutely amazing!

Justin holds up a salmon

My best catch of of all time other than my wife of course. I would have to say was my first bonefish. It was on my list of fish to catch for a long time and I will never forget the moment when it finally happened!

The trip I have been dreaming about for years now is a trip to the Tsimane lodge in Bolivia. I have wanted to check golden dorado off my list for a long time now. Hopefully some day in the near future I will make it happen. 

The best place I have ever been fishing up to this point was definitely Christmas Island. I believe it’s a must do trip for any angler! The endless flats and wide variety of species that i caught was a dream come true. Also the people and the culture that i experienced there really grew me as a person and an angler. 

Justin holds up a bonefish

For anyone that might want to get hold of me for any reason whether it’s to meet up for a day on the water or just grab a beer and talk fishing you can follow me on Instagram with @jjmak89

Or on Facebook Justin Miller

Feel free to hit me up, and thanks for your time. 

Justin holds up a trivially

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