Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Tyboroski and a lot of people call me Tybo. I live in Divide Colorado and this is my first year guiding and it’s definitely the best job you could ever have. I have been fly fishing for almost a decade now and spend most of my time on the South Platte when guiding. In the summertime however, you can find me, or at least try to find me, somewhere above 12,000 feet searching for backcountry brookies and cutthroat trout miles away from civilization. I started fishing with a spin rod at a few private community lakes when I was a young lad over 20 years ago. Almost 10 years ago I was introduced to fly fishing through a good friend and was hooked right away.

Kyle holds up a large cutbow

I hear from a lot of people that fly fishing is an escape from real world problems and I can agree with that. For me however, fly fishing is just an extension of how I live my life. The thrill of adventure trying to find the fish is in the same form, me trying to find some of the most amazing and unseen places on earth. Hooking onto monstrous fish and battling them, to either catch them or be beaten by the fish, is the same way we all live our lives on a daily dealing with whatever comes my way. In the end, if I’m lucky enough to catch a fish of a lifetime whether that’s a giant brown trout out of the dream stream, or a nice colored up cutthroat in the backcountry that has most likely only been seen a few times up close, or finding a small brookie in a stream somewhere, it’s an accomplishment that reminds me to strive for what I want everyday and keeps me focused on what means the most to me in life.

Kyle holds up a large brookie

I recently went and volunteered some time at Denver Outfitters and got to meet the staff as well as work with a few awesome people and build the amazing rod vaults. The rod vault is such a time saver, it allows you to pre-rig your rods and be ready right away when you pull up. Which is so very important when guiding. It also allows you to just put it in your rod vault at the end of a long day where you are exhausted and don’t feel like breaking down your rods!

Kyle smiles while he nets a fish

My biggest piece of advice for someone who is learning to fly fish is pay for a guide at least once. The amount of knowledge you will learn from one trip with a guide can save you a years worth of struggling to set your rig up right and can advance your skills quickly to getting you on more fish. My favorite piece of gear would absolutely have to be my rod vault, I hated having my rods through my truck window rattling around and having to listen to the wind all the time made the trip a little less awesome and who doesn’t like not having to store your rods in your house! My favorite flies would have to be small baetis and midges, reason being that you can catch giant fish with them year round if you know how to use them.

Kyle hold sup a nice cutthroat trout

My favorite catch of all time would have to be the time I was floating on the Colorado River chucking streamers when a good sized brown trout smashed my fly just as we had started to go over a rapid section. I set the hook and battled this fish standing up while going down a pretty nasty section of rapids, once we made it to the bottom I got the fish in the net and was so happy with the situation that had just happened. My dream trip would be to go to New Zealand and backpack to some of the most remote places to find some of the biggest and prettiest brown trout ever seen. My favorite places I’ve been fishing so far would definitely be high alpine lakes, the beauty of the fish and the reward after the long hikes with huge elevation gains is more rewarding then I could ever possibly describe. If anyone would like to get ahold of me for anything at all, whether you’d like advice, a guide trip, or just want to meet up and fish you can find me on instagram- @flyfishn_lifeĀ 

Thank you all for your time

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