I continue to write around the things that I loved and lost.

I have been gifted many beautiful things in this life, and I can recognize them, the gifts, as people, circumstances, events, but it is hard, very hard, to reconcile myself to them all.

There is so much pain associated with these gifts, and it is so vivid that it haunts my every thought.

I no longer know what the word “try” really means; I know its superficial meaning, and I still do try, but its deeper meaning seems to lose its weight — well, its meaning — with each passing day.

I guess this is what we all go through, are destined for, if we live long enough to ride the try train.

We age, and one day we wake up to find … we have aged.

It is funny, really.

With the bombardment of media clamoring for our attention, I shrink to the shadows; as the famed photographer Dorothea Lange said — and I paraphrase — that is where the interesting people are.

Sunlight and the gift of living create a movie each day that we can choose to live in or not.

The distractions of our daily going-about are just what we make them, distractions.

They can be as many or as few as we allow; it really is up to us.

Just behind the gift of life itself, and vying for its place at the winner’s table, is free will.

No matter who you are, where you live, or the circumstance you are in, the God-given right of free will always remains.

What an awesome thing.

Really, awesome.

What you just read is about two minutes of thinking while reminiscing over a photograph of a time on a river catching trout and enjoying my life.

All at the same time.

Maybe I will see you on the water.


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Patrick "Murph" Murphy

Patrick Murphy or "Murph" as we call him around the office is a former newspaper man, and currently an author of books and blogs. He is an appreciator of all things natural and avid fisherman.

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