People you find yourself with in a fishing boat are an instant kindred spirit – whether you recognize it or not.

It does not matter the craft – a rowboat, drift boat, party boat – there is a common purpose.

When angling for adventure, new experiences unfold.

You assign a memory to them as they are lived and then told, but as they are lived, that is something of a different experience.

So often now people, younger people, mostly, take pictures with their cellphones of pretty much everything that happens when they are experiencing what is happening to them and around them.

I’m not the first to point this out, but it is an enigma.

You are there.

You are experiencing what you are, well, experiencing.

I have taken photos, tens of thousands, really, overtime as a photojournalist, husband, dad, family member, friend, etc.

What that represents, in the world now – my world – I just don’t know.

I have thousands of images on my phone/camera, just as I have thousands and thousands of images on slide film and negatives.

What is common, or maybe uncommon, is that those photos, unless they are printed, “shown” or made into a print you can frame and place on your desk or hang on your wall, those stored images, well, they remain just that – images.

Those moments of your life lived in remain unseen – in storage.

So often we fly fishers take photo after of photo of our days on the water.

What once was caught and preserved on slide film or negative, can instantly be shown on the camera/phone to yourself and anyone you want to share with – in an instant.

There is a lack of processing – literally – when it comes to old, photographic film.

It is just something I recognize as time goes on …

Our scenes change as we progress through this life, and the ways we capture them do as well.

What is stored in our memories, well, our photos help us remember.

Keep that in your mind’s eye, or better yet, make a print.

Maybe I will see you out on the water.


Two anglers walk along a river

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Patrick "Murph" Murphy

Patrick Murphy or "Murph" as we call him around the office is a former newspaper man, and currently an author of books and blogs. He is an appreciator of all things natural and avid fisherman.

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