Installing your Titan Rod Vault Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier is EASY!

Installing your rooftop fly rod carrier really couldn’t be any easier. Our products are made to fit a diverse range of roof racks and vehicles giving superior fly rod storage to just about every angler out there. Other questions and comments about Titan Rod Vault rooftop fly rod carrier installation can be sent to our support team through the live chat customer support window accessible at the bottom of your screen.

Follow the directions in this video and reference the written instructions below and you’ll be fly fishing in no time!


Locate the tube couplers (may already be attached to back portion of TRV housing)

Loosen the cap screws, if needed, and insert tube couplers onto back portion of TRV housing (if not already)

Ensure that housing only goes halfway into tube couplers, leaving room to insert the front end of the TRV housing

Insert the front end of the TRV housing (has nose cone attached) into the tube couplers

Once both ends of the TRV housing are inserted into the tube couplers, make they are both inserted completely are are touching inside the tube couplers.

Using the included small allen wrench, tighten the cap screws to secure both ends of the TRV housing in place.


Loosen the bolts on the black tube clamps, but do not remove them

Gently set the TRV on top of the vehicle roof rack

Slide the tube clamps up/down the TRV housing for proper alignment with the vehicle roof rack

Ideally, one tube clamp should be on each section of the TRV housing for a balanced – one tube clamp in on front TRV housing section and one tube clamp on the back TRV housing section (tube couplers in the middle.)

If you have a back lift gate, ensure proper clearance so the lift gate can open completely without interference from the TRV.

Make a small mark on the TRV housing tubes to indicate where the tube clamps should be set.

Remove the TRV from your vehicle roof rack and gently place back on the ground / work area

Tighten the tube clamps in the proper place (as marked above) on the TRV housing


Place the TRV back on top of the vehicle roof rack.

For each of the roof rack clamps: Twist the top component (bolt cover) to expose the bolt holes.

Locate the bottom portion of the rack clamp and a rack attachment bolt.

Place bottom portion of the rack clamp underneath the roof rack bar and so that it curves up towards the TRV unit.

Insert the bolt through the top rack clamp and down through the threaded hole on the bottom portion of the rack clamp, repeat for front and back of rack clamp.

Do not fully tighten bolts at this point..

Repeat the above steps for each rack clamp

Once all rack clamps are in place, ensure the entire TRV unit is properly aligned on the roof rack (front to back, left to right.)

Tighten all rack clamp bolts using the provided allen wrench.

For each rack clamp, twist the top bolt cover back into place so the bolt heads are no longer exposed.

Do not overtighten bolts, it may crack the rack clamp if overtigthened.

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