A quick review of the TRV-Pro rooftop fly rod carrier from GearInstitute.com. In this review Dan Nelson sums up the need and benefit of having a rooftop fly rod carrier such as the TRV-PRO or the TRV-Single.


Dan Nelso Review from GearInstitute of Titan Rod VaultDan Nelson

Fly Fishing Editor GearInstitute.com
In the passionate pursuit of trout, many anglers will abandon reason when moving from one fishing spot to the next. They’ll tuck their very expensive rods and reels under the windshield wipers of their fishing rig, or strap them onto magnetic racks on their hoods, before speeding down wash-boarded gravel roads. Many $1,000 rod/reel outfits have been lost this way. But that never has to happen again. The Titan Rod Vault mounts to any factory or aftermarket roof rack to safely and securely hold three fully-rigged, ready-to-fish fly rods (up to 10-foot rod lengths). Parallel aluminum tubes extended from a molded plastic reel vault. Pop open the lockable TRV, slip the rods into the tubes, and close the lid over the reels. Not only are the rods and reels protected from road grime and accidental loss while driving, they are securely locked in place, out of sight, when stopping for after-fishing meals and entertainment.

We’ve heard from thousands of fly fisherman about how valuable their gear is to them and why safety and security are necessary considerations when buying a rooftop fly rod carrier ! Just this weekend we did a survey about how much money the average angler has invested in fly fishing gear. Within minutes hundreds had responded with over 90% of them saying they have over $1,500 in gear. With so much money invested in fly fishing rods and reels it’s a no brainer that quality and security are such huge factors for our customers.

We believe the Rod Vault PRO is the best rooftop fly rod carrier on the market. Heres a little bit more about why.


The TRV-PRO reel housing is manufactured using the highest quality polycarbonate resins and will accomodate reels up to an 8 weight and 10.5 feet in length. The reel housing also features an industrial strength locking system that comes with two keys.

The polycarbonate clamps not only offer a strong and effective way of attaching your TRV-PRO rooftop fly rod carrier to the cross members of your roof rack mounting system, but they are also built so you can lock the clamps to your cross members by using a small padlock (not included).


Built from the very highest quality aircraft grade aluminium and high quality Polycarbonate our rooftop fly rod carriers will hold up to any abuse you can put them through. All our products also feature a medical grade nylon protective insert on the inside of the tubes, which will protect your gear from scuffs and rattles during all of your adventure.


Let’s not forget that our rooftop fly rod carrier looks good! The Titan Rod Vault fly rod carrier delivers both style performance in a sleek and aerodynamic design you’ll be proud to have on your vehicle. And the best part is no more snags on car upholstery, broken fly rods, damaged reels, or wasted time on the river bank rigging up your gear.

Find out what others have to say about the Rod Vault Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier from Denver Outfitters!

[x_blockquote cite=”Ken Russell” type=”left”]Since owning my Rod Vault fly rod carrier, it has made life a whole lot simpler. The convenience, style and affordability is ideal. It meets all my needs for trips knowing my expensive rods are secure and safe. Thank you for the professional customer service![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Michael Dube” type=”left”]I can keep my rods rigged and ready to fish. No more rigging stream side. Also, having three rods ready to fish keeps ahead of the game. More time fishing less time rigging![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Mike Parisi” type=”left”]I’m an avid Fly Fisherman who fishes about 30 days a year all over the southwest. On one of my trips to southern Colorado my guide Spencer Seim had one on his Toyota 4 Runner I was instantly smitten. I asked him about it and he raved about how much time it saves him plus I think it just adds some swagger to any vehicle. I knew I had to get one. This Christmas I pulled the trigger and couldn’t be happier. Before the Rod Vault fly rod carrier was sent I got a call from someone at Denver Outfitters who asked me if I needed it rushed before Christmas I was instantly impressed by the customer service. No more fly rods bent over my back seats hoping something wont shift and snap my fly rods. I love this thing. I’m not handy and after watching the video, installation was a breeze. I have 5 trips booked this year from New Mexico to Montana I can’t wait to put some miles on my Rod Vault. The Rod Vault is a must for any true angler who cares about their equipment. For the price of half on one of my fishing outfits I can protect 3 rods and save loads of time. Love It![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Tiffany Guzek” type=”left”]I don’t have to take apart my rods! I just put them in the vault and go! Makes fly fishing more convenient![/x_blockquote]

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[x_blockquote cite=”Jim, Chatsworth Georgia” type=”left”]I have never had any other fly fishing equipment that helped me save time and get me on the water faster. I have definitely added an hour to my fishing time due to the Rod Vault, since I don’t have to break down my rod right away. There’s nothing else like it on the fly fishing equipment market. If you want to fish more in the new year I suggest getting the Rod Vault, because it will definitely help you with that.[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Kendra” type=”left”]It came so fast and it was wrapped up so good I was amazed my boyfriend absolutely loved his Rod Vault! Thank you![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Dylan Cooke” type=”left”]Makes fishing a roadside creek so much easier! Especially with clients, slap the fly rod up in the Rod Vault and roll to the next hole! I actually named mine TITUS.. Great product!!![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Capt. Seth Vernon, Wilmington NC” type=”left”]As a full time saltwater captain the Rod Vault has truly saves me invaluable time. No wasted time rigging and re rigging fly rods for customers. I spend over 200 days a year on the water and having my fly rods with me everywhere I go is no longer a challenge! Thanks Denver Outfitters for a great product![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Judy R” type=”left”]I love it, because it takes less time to get on the water!?[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Cyndy Wilkie” type=”left”]I purchased the Rod Vault for our son who is an avid fly fisherman. He was pleasantly surprised and a bit more so , that the “old folks” had such a fantastic idea! ? The new acquisition will allow him to be ready when he passes by enticing waters! Thanks for such a quality product![/x_blockquote]

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[x_blockquote cite=”Jerry Wilson” type=”left”]I’ve had my Rod Vault a few months now and have been very happy with the purchase. The Rod Vault fly rod carrier is built incredibly strong and secure and has made my frequent fly fishing trips so convenient. Thanks guys for such a great product![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Derek Lee” type=”left”]I love that it is incredibly durable and I feel safe locking my fly rod in there for the drive and while I’m on the water. It’s a great way to swap out fly rods if I decide to use a sink tip and want to switch to a floating line. I just keep two fly rods ready to go with both lines. I hate spending valuable fly fishing time rigging my rods, so it is awesome to get everything ready the night before and beat everyone else on the water and get to my favorite honey holes before they get taken.[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Deron Johnson” type=”left”]First and foremost I love the ability to get on the water quick. With all that built up excitement as you get to your favorite watering hole you don’t have to waste time setting up your fly rods. The Rod Vault allows you more time on the water and less time spent on land.[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Dave Lujan” type=”left”]I use my Rod Vault on trips with my airplane (Mooney M20J), I break it down in half, fly with it to my location, assemble it and strap it to the rental rack. Works great![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Troy Anderson” type=”left”]I got my first Rod Vault about a year ago for the convenience of not having to rig up when I got to the river and for travel between holes or rivers. Therefore, making it a lot easier to hit more water in a day. Got my second vault about a month ago because of how impressed I was with the first. I carry a lot of sticks for conditions and now I can carry my friends’ and families rods and am not waiting for them to rig up. I keep my sticks in them year round, ready to go, whether it’s July or January, I’m always ready to make the most of a fishing day, no matter how limited. When on the road at highway speed, there is a little noise, but nothing noticeable unless your are listening for it. The Rod Vault is secure and I’ve never had any worries leaving it parked overnight or in a busy lot loaded with fly rods. Really easy to install, I can assemble and have it mounted on my truck in under an hour, just pop a beer and it’s done by the time you finish it. Go and buy yourself some small locks and your set. If you are serious about slinging flies, I highly recommend one, or two.[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Z Stevenson” type=”left”]I love the Rod Vault because I don’t have to tear down my rods ever again also no more worries about slamming them in the door and with 3 spaces I can have 3 different rigs set up no more rigging durning a hatch because I’ll already be set up![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Tamry Bratton” type=”left”]My family was out in Yellowstone this past summer and my husband saw Rod Vaults on some of the vehicles out there and he had to have one. I was able to keep telling him different stories as to why he couldn’t get one and was able to hold him off till Christmas afternoon when I surprised Scott with it. He was so excited and can’t wait to get out there and use it and get some fly fishing in but right now, here in Vermont, he will have to settle for ice fishing.[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Preston Jackson” type=”left”]I like the convince of having my fly rods rigged and ready to roll! They are always ready and secured in my Rod Vault! Best investment money can buy![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Ty Franklin” type=”left”]I have been wanting a fly Rod Vault for several years and this year I was able to finally purchase my Rod Vault. I love it for the convenience as I HATE breaking down my fly rods after each time out. It is also nice to know that my rods are protected during a road trip as this past summer I broke my Sage rod while on a road trip (which is the main reason why I finally purchased my Rod Vault). Thanks for producing a great product![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Jeffrey M. Hammen” type=”left”]To say Georgia Tech football struggled this year would be understatement but when a stadium chair got thrown in the back of my F150 and snapped my new Trout rod in half it made it worse. I searched on the internet and came up with Denver Outfitters and the Rod Vault. Now that my Rod Vault is installed on my Yakima rack I do not have to worry about that ever happening again. My rod and reel are ready to go and I will get to spend even more time on the River fishing. Plus all locked up and secure. 2016 is going to be a great year trout fishing. Maybe the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will come around also![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Peter MacLeod” type=”left”]Love the Rod Vault, unfortunately my buddies do too. I think I’m going to have to add on one more. I curse you and your genius of efficiency![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Drew Thomas” type=”left”]This weekend my buddy and I went out fishing the Platte through Denver before the storm hit. We both headed straight for our favorite hole but there was one difference – I had my rod fully rigged in the Rod Vault. I beat him to the water by 10 minutes, giving me time to get this pig while he was stuck rigging in the parking lot.[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Andy Carlson” type=”left”]I am a general contractor and I know quality tools when I see them. This Rod Vault is very well engineered and built! Takes any worry away from damaged or stolen fly rods.[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Tom Spencer” type=”left”]Colorado winter fishing can be hard on the hands. Recently I pulled up to the Dream Stream below Spinney Reservoir and I was the only car in the lot. My thermometer read 7 degrees F and I didn’t see another fisherman all day. A great day of winter fishing made much easier by the Rod Vault. I can pull up to my favorite fishing spot or hike in point and grab a fully rigged fly rod right out of the Rod Vault. Saves my fingers and protects the rod as well. What a great product!![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Jonathan Bowden” type=”left”]Best fly rod carrier to have all of my rods and clients rods protected and ready to go at a moments notice. Makes traveling a breeze to jump out and fish immediately without having down time for assembly. I can honestly say it is nice not having a rod tip inside the vehicle dancing by my ear while driving down the road. This product aids in making each Fly Fishing trip a utopia![/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Justin Purdy” type=”left”]Makes traveling SO EASY! Put my rod(s) together before dealing with the hell known as i70 out of Denver. Best part is if I follow someone in, or not the first car in the parking lot all I know is I just have to out dress the person in front of me, grab my pre assembled fly rods out of the Rod Vault and beat them down to the honey holes. Now that is competitive fishing! [/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Tom Kienbaum” type=”left”]Just installed today. Was very easy to install. Was able to work with Denver Outfitters and I had my tubes powdercoated black at my work. Looks great. Now I do not have to break down my fly rods when I move from spot to spot on the river. Great customer service 5 stars.[/x_blockquote]

[x_blockquote cite=”Eugene Erskine” type=”left”]Price cant be beat! Don’t know how I made it all these years without it! Bomb proof materials and my fly rods are ready to go when I hit the water! Love it and will never be without it again! [/x_blockquote]

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